What People Are Saying

Testimonials of what others are saying about Biblical Eldership Resources.

Each of the men say they are taking more away now [with the BER videos] than when we were just doing the BE book and study guide. We are stilling using it of course but the videos add a whole new dynamic and dimension that has really proving to be a great asset. One of the men has been working in the Church for forty plus years and has been through this Biblical Eldership book several times, as I have also been through the book several times.

Both us find these video resources add to the study and we often find that the presenters will raise a point or look at an idea in a slightly different way in which we have done previously. Bottom line, I will not teach this class ever again without the videos being an integral part of the lesson plans. 

Our deepest thanks to each of you men who have and are dedicating yourself to this project. Steven K. Beckett, Decatur, IN (USA)

I just wanted to say that I have been working my way through the resources on the website.  It has been a tremendous blessing to me.  I have been through a difficult season of discouragement and the Lord has used the ministry of this website, among other things to minister to me.  So thank you for your involvement and just wanted to express my appreciation. Dennis in Ontario, Canada.

Our leadership team has started using the BE resources in the manner you described. The idea is great and so far we are finding the materials instructive and challenging (in the sense of leading to change). Rob in London, Ontario

I’ll tell you we have such a wonderful time watching and learning from Alexander, he is far more animated than his appearance might suggest, which sort of takes you by surprise. His passion is well received and honestly watching these makes the book more alive. This is a subject the Lord has blessed me with a passion for. I enjoy studying about church polity and these videos add a wonderful new dimension to my studies and I greatly appreciate you all putting them together and making them available. Steven in Indiana.

“One of the most godly and inspiring men I know – Chairman of our Board – in his mid 50’s commented, ‘The videos by Chuck [Towards a Shepherd’s Heart] were immensely helpful to me.  I didn’t know what to expect when asked to look them over to catapult our discussion on ministry to dad’s in our school but the content far exceeded what I hoped to get out of them.’ ” Bentley in Colorado.

Biblicaleldership.com is incredible.  You and your team have really put in a ton of work.  Loads of great information.  I’ll be visiting that site frequently.  This is a great resource to me.  My main focus is evangelism, discipleship and church planting in the NE jungles of Peru where we live and there is a major need to develop leaders and elders that can effectively shepherd the flock in their respective villages. I need all the help and resources I can get.  Thank you!   Micah Tuttle

All is EXCELLENT!! From the Video message.. the Audio heard.. and even the Sermon Outline and Full Text. I like especially the side bar menu that works very well to carry the reader through seamlessly from one part to the other. Keep your good work Chuck !! And you too Alex. The saints from Burmah Road Gospel Hall send their love.

We appreciate all the work you have done to make such a useful tool available to us. We’ve been looking for something to use for the young men to help them study the word of God and practically apply godly principles in developing male leadership. The website Biblical Eldership, has been a godsend.

The video lessons, detailed outlines and group discussion questions have been well received. Our first lesson was on Self-discipline because we knew some of the men needed to be exhorted in this area of their life. To my surprise, after doing the first lesson, I was convicted of a lack of self-discipline in some areas of my life. So now I’m a very eager student too.

We meet once a month as a group and then have weekly homework assignments which have been done faithfully by all the men. The fact that it’s web based is good because everyone has access to the website and can do their lesson when it’s convenient for them. They are taking to these lessons with gusto and there has been a fresh wind blowing through the lives of these men, their families and the assembly. It’s exciting. Attached is a picture of our first meeting.

Thank you again for your vision and labor for our Lord Jesus. It is a blessing.

On behalf of the Elders at Northwest Bible Fellowship.

Dale Gleason (Omaha, Nebraska)

I am just blown away by the work you guys have done here. I had no idea you had progressed so far. The videos are great in both content and execution. This is really useful stuff for anyone who desires to care for the body of Christ, even if not an elder. I appreciate very much what you are doing and will be actively praying that God bless these efforts to His ends. Carey Dula (Dallas, TX)

It has been a burden on my heart to train the next generation of leaders and I have prayed for a couple of years for a handful of young men in our church (we are a little over 100 members in the church now). And I am excited to report that starting this coming weekend, I will lead a group of six men from our church through a two-year process, training potential elders for our church… I remembered a recommendation to the biblical eldership resources website and have found a gold mine! Here is what I wonder: Can I translate some of the material and use it as I meet with these guys? Walter in Germany

The material is rich in content, brief in lengths, and straight to the point. The use of pop-up bible references makes it easy to follow. It is especially practical, in my opinion, since it answers a lot of questions that even the seasoned elder might be asking. You can never go wrong with material that is Scripture-saturated and is useful forteaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the elders at Riverpark and everywhere else may be complete, equipped for every good work. Vitaliy K

Thanks for sharing these videos.  I’ve watched many of them over the last few days.  Sound and video quality are awesome, content is so dense and useful it’s sure to be a great tool for thousands! Eldership Resources website is a huge accomplishment. The fit and finish are great and the prodcution value is definitely of good quality. It adds a lot of credibility. All that’s needed now is to push it out to the masses! Adam

Like manna from heaven! Brother in Japan

Extremely helpful! Thank you for this hard work! Ron S.

We have started using some of the resources on the site, and have found them very useful and relevant – especially when we’ve had to wrestle with some difficult issues. It’s good to get the perspective of other leaders that we can trust. Thanks to all of you who have helped to put this together. May the Lord continue to bless it to His glory.  Frank P, Edmonton AB

Thank you also for all of the teaching material that is available online. I have downloaded the audio messages and listen to them in my car. I really am getting a lot out of ALL of the teachings. Richard W.

Thank you for this and for the wonderful website. I have been using the emailed elder qualification explanations, sharing them with my fellow elders. You all are filling what was an empty space in what I could find to help say what it means to be an elder in this culture and time. I will continue to be watching this website. Frank L.

Last night, the elders met with a brother whom we asked to join the oversight. He’s been praying about it for a while. Then, in our meeting, he stated that the video study we’ve been doing challenged him to “finish well” and make this life count for eternity. He’s joining us. Brian C.

I watched Eldership Resources website. It is great work and very helpful for us even though it is in English. I watch everyday and learn many things from it. Thanks for such a great job. Yuta I.

Just want to say thanks for putting this site together, it’s really blessed me. I’m a young adult in Michigan, US, thinking about serving as an elder in the future. Will R.