Restoring Pastoral Eldership

Restoring Pastoral Eldership
Chuck Gianotti

Pastoral shepherding in the local church is important. The maturity of the church depends on a plurality of biblically qualified elders who are actively leading and shepherding the people of God. In many churches, this truth has been lost and needs to be reclaimed. Some churches have only nominal elders who act as an executive or consulting board. The Bible, however, presents something different.

In this five part lecture series given in Ottawa, Canada, Chuck Gianotti, a member of the Biblical Eldership Resources team, presents the scriptural teaching of eldership, the qualifications for elders and the work of elders in the church. Each message is presented in video format and accompanying outlines are provided. We pray this series will inform you, and help lay a foundation for patterning your church leadership and pastoral ministry after the biblical model of eldership.

This series is available in two series:

1) A series of five full length messages.

2) A curriculum where each message is divided into smaller learning units of 15 minutes or less, complete with outlines, review and discussion questions, and an assignment.

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