Simulcast Satellite Info

Thank you for your interest in hosting a satellite site for the BER Simulcast Conference. By hosting a satellite site, you are sharing the blessings with others. You may choose to limit your satellite to your elder team or your own church leaders in general. Or you may choose to open up the satellite site to other churches, to enhance your networking and fellowship with other church leaders.

Everything you need is found in the menu of items below. Simply click on each item and read on-screen or print it as you would normally print a website resource. Here is the order in which you should read/do these things:

Overall Host Site Coordinator

  • PowerPoint Slides (this conference will not be utilizing PPT slides in the teaching.)
  • Discussion Leaders Guidelines. Please download this file, send or forward to your discussion leaders, and ask them to read these guidelines thoroughly.  At the conference, we will also give abbreviated instructions about the discussion groups.
  • Food/Snack Suggestions. Because of the staggered time zone schedules, you will need to be flexible on your food arrangements.

NOTE: If you would like to keep your satellite site private, let us know by email and we will not list you on the satellite site sites page.

Technical Info

If you have any questions, email us.