Simulcast Handouts

Each participant should receive on the day of the conference a professional looking folder with the handouts.  Click on the links below to download the files. Print these on 8-1/2″ x 11″, 24lb stock, in black & white, double sided, 3-hole drilled (or as appropriate for the folders you choose). Please don’t print in reduced size in an effort to save on paper – that would make the handout too difficult to read or take notes on. The file is setup for printing on both sides of each page, which means that at times blank pages are included.

Conference Handouts

  • Click on this link and print down the file, on front and back of paper. You will need to replace page 5 with the schedule for your specific time zone.
  • Three-hole punch the stack and put into a professional looking folder.

Schedule for time zones (for North America)

You will need to download the appropriate time schedule for your time zone, and then substitute that for page 5 (the live site schedule).

Discussion Questions

  • Print these discussion pages down and add to the end of the Conference handout folder. Click here. (These will be available shortly before the conference).


  • Print the folder labels on Avery 5164 labels (or equivalent) and put one label on the front of each folder.  If you want or need to adjust the format of these, you can use the MS Word version for this.
  • Print the name labels on Avery 5163 labels (or equivalent). As you hand out the folders have participants fill in one name label. If you want or need to adjust the  format of these, you can use the MS Word version for this.


  • Please insert the conference handouts into the folders ahead of time and afix the folder label on the front.
  • Print out enough to cover those who have pre-registered, plus 10% more (rule of thumb).
  • Please give attention to printing and assembling the folder well – it will reflect on the organizers and communicate excellence.

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