Leadership Links Explanation

Leadership Links is compiled by Barry Lawrence of Rochester, NY.  Below he explains how this ministry began and his thinking behind it. We praise God for this great resource. 

Why I assembled this list

A little over three years ago (2015) I began a weekly leadership links making it available to the elders in our church and small group leaders, along with some other pastors and leaders in churches in our area. There was a good response to these weekly links and I profited personally by reading numerous articles on different subjects and deciding which ones might be the most helpful to make available. Then I began to compile a master list of all the links breaking them down in certain sections of interest. This was beneficial for me to be able to quickly access relevant articles on certain topics and I became convinced that this would be helpful for other leaders.

How to use this list

  • Take a category like prayer, that you sense needs strengthening,  and reading some of the articles under prayer.
  • Take an article from the leadership section, that meets a need for your leaders, and send the link out ahead of time to the elders / leaders to read and discuss at your next meeting.
  • Take an article from the evangelism section and summarize it for your small group as a topic of discussion.
  • Use this list by sharing a particular article for a person who might be struggling with an area in their lives.

As you can see, there are many ways to use these links. One advantage for leaders, in using this resource, is that the articles are short and concise. Many of leaders don’t have the time to read extensive books, listen to podcasts, or watch full videos. However, they can read a short article that takes no more than five minutes.

One Caveat

In selecting these different articles for this list, I am not necessarily condoning all the content in each of the articles. There are some points I might take issue with. However, the overall value of the article  is why I included it in the list.

There will be other links added to this list in the future. My prayer is that this resource will benefit you personally as well as your fellow leaders.

Barry Lawrence