Elder Qualifications 3

Restoring Pastoral Eldership Curriculum
Chuck Gianotti
This is part 3 of 3 of the topic Qualifications of an Elder in the series Restoring Pastoral Eldership


II. Qualifications for Elders (cont.)

B. Moral and Spiritual Characteristics (cont.)

1. F_____________ Life

2. P__________________________

3. R_______________

4. Ability to T______________, R_________________ and P_______________ the People of God

III. Conclusion – Three Applications

A. To Elders

B. To Those Who Desire to Be Elders

C. To All Christians

Some Practical Suggestions

Discuss It
1. In relationship to the characteristic, “Husband of one wife,” discuss the statement “Women are comfortable around him.” What does this mean to you. How does it reflect in your behavior.
Discuss It
2. What lessons can elders learn from Eli’s disastrous parenting style?
Discuss It
3. What are some practical things you can do to guard your heart so that you are a “One woman kind of man”?
Apply It
Send out a survey asking friends and family to provide feedback on your strengths and weakness with regards to the moral and spiritual characteristics of an elder.