Protecting from False Teachers 3

Series: Protecting from False Teachers
Presenter: Dave Anderson

This section covers these descriptions of false prophets: they bring reproach on the name of Christ, they are greedy, they exploit the weak, they despise authority, and they will be judged by God.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. How does Satan bring reproach on the Name of Christ and the Church?
He brings in Christian look-a-likes, then systematically exposes them for who they are. It’s a double-whammy of false teaching followed by embarrassment and shame on the Church.
2. False teachers despise authority; why is it important for elders to place themselves under authority?
The Scriptures teach that the checks and balances of a plurality of elders is helpful, both for the individual and for the assembly. When elders become insubordinate, they not only disqualify themselves, they bear the marks of the false teacher.

Discuss It

  1. In what ways can you guard against the spirit of Diotrephes in your own heart? In the eldership at your church?
  2. If false teachers are known for their greed, why is it important for pastor-elders to be free from the love of money?

Apply It

  1. Ask your spouse and two other people (preferably elders) to evaluate you on 1) whether you submit to the authority of the other elders well 2) your level of humility (whether you tend toward pride or false humility or are characterized by true humility). Pray before you ask these people so that the Lord would help them give you honest and valuable feedback and that you would be able to accept their feedback.

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