Defining Pastoral Eldership 4

Restoring Pastoral Eldership Curriculum
Chuck Gianotti
This is part 4 of the topic Defining Pastoral Eldership, in the series Restoring Pastoral Eldership


II. Equality and Diversity within the Eldership (cont.)

B. Diversity

1. The first leadership body appointed directly by the Lord Jesus Christ had both equality and diversity. Peter, James and John stood out among the disciples.

2. The same thing is true among the elders (1 Tim. 5:17-18).

3. There is diversity within the eldership a_____________________ by God.

4. A rich diversity of giftedness and life situations among those within the eldership team.

5. Obviously, not all elders are equal in giftedness, effectiveness, influence, time availability, experience or leadership ability knowledge.

6. Indeed, it is m_____________________ that the elders laboring in the Word be compensated for their diligent labor (1 Tim. 5:17-18).

C. Both equality and diversity exist within a church eldership team.

1. Two Unbiblical Extremes

2. This requires a s____________________ group of qualified elders, with a clear vision of the Headship of Christ, committed to Word of God and gifts of the spirit.

3. By God’s help, seek to represent accurately and completely Christ’s and his apostles’ instructions on this important subject.

Discuss It
1. How can you utilize an elder’s giftedness in teaching yet still maintain the responsibility for all elders to teach and guard the church?
Discuss It
2. How can a team of men, equal in authority, utilize the gift of leadership among them?
Discuss It
3. What happens to a church when all the elders are expected to share equally in all teaching (i.e. same amount of pulpit time) or leading (i.e. same amount of time in the lead roles) of the church?
Apply It
1. Make a list of the diversity of giftedness and life situations for each member of your local church eldership. How is the unique giftedness of each elders encouraged and given freedom for expression?
Apply It
2. Is there one among the elders who gives himself to a greater degree to the studying and teaching of the Word, or to the leading of the church? If so, discuss with the elder group 1 Tim 5:17-18. What would be the pros and cons in your situation financially supporting that individual so they can be freed up to spend more time in teaching and leading?