Call To Study & Teach

Series: Becoming Effective in Teaching
Presenter: Dave Andersen

This is the first step of “Becoming Effective in Your Teaching of the Word” about the need to study hard and well for teaching the Word of God. This message was given at the 2015 BER Conference in New Jersey. Part 1 of 5.

Audio File

Discuss It

  1. What specific thing(s) were said in the message that challenged and motivated you afresh to be a more effective teacher of the Word of God?
  2. In specific terms, why do you think effectiveness in teaching the Word of God is so urgent to the local church?
  3. What does it mean for a teacher of the Word of God to have credibility with his listeners? And what difference does being credible make in your teaching?
  4. What does the the speaker mean by "mental incubation?" And do you agree with the emphasis on preparing at minimum a week before a lesson is to be taught What are some of the obstacles to doing that?

Apply It

  1. Specifically, what will you have to do to make adequate time for your teaching preparation? What will you have to give up in your time schedule or personal interests to make time for the study of God's Word?