BER Offline

The entire contents of the BER Website now available in an offline version—that means

No more waiting on inadequate bandwidth

No more missing out because of slow network speed

No more frustration over flakey connections

Hundreds of videos, audios, outlines and articles you can take with you anywhere—completely portable, no internet required. The entire site on a media drive. Great for individuals and for Bible schools, seminaries or research labs — anywhere where using the BER site online is not workable. All you need is a computer with either:

                USB (Thumb) Drive          SD Card

You can run directly from your media drive or copy it to your computer’s hard drive – requires about 32 Gb of storage.

Minimum requirements: PC  (Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later; XP may work but is not fully tested; Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari), Apple McIntosh (OS 9 or later, although probably work with earlier versions. Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox). May work for other configurations.

Cost: $250 U.S. (BER Offline). Keep in mind, you can still access all BER resources online at no cost.

To purchase, go to our store.