2019 Becoming a Great Commission Church

A live-streamed simulcast conference
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After our Lord’s resurrection, he gave to his disciples the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20).

This should be the mission statement for every local church. We may recast it in pithy or clever statements, but the charge has remained the same for over two thousand years.

We have all been given a global mission: we are to be internationalists, people who committed to spreading the message of Christ’s death and resurrection to the whole world.

Unfortunately, many Christians do not understand the full Great Commission. The charge is to all Christians everywhere, what we call the universal body of Christ. But it’s the local church who carries this out by evangelizing, making disciples both locally and through its missionaries worldwide, baptizing new converts, and teaching new converts to obey all that Jesus commanded.

The Commission ends with the encouraging words, “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” That is strategic, for it is the Lord’s commission of us, so we need the promise of his dynamic presence.

We have a great message and a great commission. And we have a great example in the apostle Paul whose entire life was dedicated to carrying out the Great Commission to the world. Now it is for us to do our part in reaching our generation.

This simulcast conference will unpack all the important elements of the Great Commission and give many practical suggestions for how a local church and its leaders can become a Great Commission church.

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