Recommended Websites

Elders’ need access to many different resources. To help we have listed recommended resources (books, recordings, websites) elsewhere on this site where various topics are dealt with. Below is a quick reference to websites we feel are valuable or have some connection with Biblical Eldership Resources.  Listing these sites does not mean we endorse everything in them, but we feel you will be greatly helped by much of what is there.  As with everything, the reader needs to use discretion, like the Bereans (Acts 17:11).


"Where the world comes to study the Bible." A massive site of bible studies, sermons and more. Home to the Netbible, a free online translation. 

Elders' ShopNotes

Providing bi-monthly encouragement and practical teaching for secularly employed elders who shepherd God’s flock in the local church. Both online and email ministry.

The Center for Biblical Spirituality

The CFBS exists to promote closeness to and conformity (both inward and outward) to Jesus Christ. Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness (1 Timothy 4:7 NASB)


BiblicalTraining.org has a passion to help people be, think and act like Jesus. The vision is to create and distribute world-class educational resources for discipleship that are holistic and accessible for all. 
An excellent site with teaching that speaks to the issues of the church today, with the gospel of Jesus Christ dying for our sins as the basis. You will find a challenge on this website to think biblically, passionately and relevantly.

No filtering software program is infallible, but this one does an excellent job of protecting against pornography. Accountability partners receive regular reports of all sites visited. A great deterrent to surfing in dangerous waters!