Protecting against Pornography 2

Series: Protecting against Pornography
Presenter: Viji Roberts

This presentation will address the role elders need to play to within the church in protecting the flock from pornography. Part 2 of 4.

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Remember It

Contemplate these questions, then click on each question to see the answer.
1. What are the three things leaders can do to stay proactive?
Acknowledge, Arm and Act.
2. What steps must we take to prevent recurrence?
Be watchful; Be disciplined; Be intentional
3. Provide a scriptural reference that promises victory in Jesus Christ.
1 Cor 15:57

Discuss It

  1. Explain the phrase, “Proactivity is the mark of a Leader” in the context of your local church. What does it mean to you? And what does it entail?
  2. Explain the phrase by Warren Wiersbe, “through incarnation not imitation.” How can you encourage someone with the truth of this statement?

Apply It

  1. Make a list of your own resources that can help others in the fight against pornography. Websites; Books; YouTube videos; Technology etc.

Digging Deeper

The Pleasure of God, by John Piper

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