Husband of One Wife 3

Series: Husband of One Wife
Presenter: Bob Deffinbaugh, Alex Strauch, Chuck Gianotti

Second part of a discussion about the application of the “husband of one wife” qualification.

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Discuss It

  1. Under what circumstances would you allow a divorced man to be an elder? If the divorce was before he was saved? If it was as a Christian 20 years ago? If he was the “innocent” party? Never?
  2. In your culture, what are the appropriate standards for men and women to greet each other?

Apply It

  1. Ask your wife if she feels that you honor her in public, and whether she feels valued by you. If there is any hesitation, gently probe, but above all listen carefully both to her words and to her emotions.
  2. How do you think it affects the congregation when it is obvious that the elders are committed to their wives? What happens when the congregation senses that an elder is a little too free in his relationships with other women?