For Prayer

At BER, we get some great feedback.  Here’s one from a missionary in the country of Niger:

"I looked at the web site, the resources are GREAT! Very good for leader, elders in the church. This is something that will really be helpful here, but the only problem will be language  Is there any way it could be translated in French? Or subtitle the videos on French? Is also very good for us here as a team too."

Likewise, we have had requests for BER to be translated into Spanish, in order to bring BER to thousands of churches in South and Central America. Others have expressed interest in a Japanese and Italian versions. The interest in this ministry has grown far beyond our expectations and beyond the resources of our small team. 

Join us in praying that the Lord would supply the right people and the funds to help us respond to these requests, so that BER might have a larger impact on the church world-wide.

God’s church
     led by God’s men 
          with God’s qualifications 
               to do God’s shepherding 
                   leading the church in God’s way 
                        will not lack God’s powerful impact!

BER Website updates

Summer has been productive with some ready to go upgrades to the BER website and some others about ready to go up. 

1) The "Effectiveness" lessons have been cleaned up and streamlined.

  • The lecture outlines (you know, the ones with the fill-in-the-blanks, which you can’t really do on the screen) have been moved into PDF files and are available by a link on the lesson page. These are fully formatted and can be viewed online while you watch or listen to the video/audio or you can print them down and use to take notes.
  • The audio link (which was admittedly a bit awkward to use) is now simplified. If you left click the link you can listen to the audio or if you right click the link you can download it (on most computers). Also, don’t forget you can access all the audio files on iTunes. Just click on the iTunes button.
  • The video screens have been resized to remove some of the dark bars at the top and bottom.

2) The "Church and Law" link in the bottom navigational menu, now includes "Church Security" an intereview with Jeff Rogers, a security and investigation expert, who will share ideas on how best to prepare for threats of violence, abuse and other issues that affect the safety of your congregation.

3) Coming soon

  • Mentoring-tracking feature. You will be able to keep track online of your progress through the Effectiveness curriculum. This will also facilitate someone mentoring another person, or a group study.  
  • Mobile app featuring the biblical qualifications for elders (31 in all!).  This handy app will encourage you to frequently review each quality, with full explanations and references.  
  • Laminate Elder Qualification sheet in two sizes: one to fit in your bible and one to keep handy on your desk. Again, this will be a great reminder that character is central to being an elder.
  • Mobile friendly version of the site, which will be easier for navigating around the website.

4) Please pray for the BER core team, we have lots of travel coming up in the next few months, both teaching and presenting the work of BER. And we are working on adding 25 new lessons to the Effectiveness section of the website, topics like accountability, preparing for baptism, elders and love, John 21, and more. 

Conference on Homosexual Attraction

October 24, 2015
In Rochester NY and by live Simulcast at Satellite Sites

Why this conference:

1. Homosexuality has become a topic of political and social upheaval, and we are being confronted daily with the onslaught of those wanting to normalize such relationships.

2. We all know at least one person who is struggling with this in one way or another, maybe even a family member or relative.

3. The Church/Christians need to be ready to respond to it, to be salt and light in a dark world.

4. We need to understand the issues and how these things relate to faith.

Why you or your church should host a satellite site for the conference:

1. Encourages Christians to come together to discuss the topic during break out sessions.

2. Builds excitement and enthusiasm when a church adopts this as “their” conference.

3. Very inexpensive way to have a live (via video feed) conference.

4. Being part of a large event (involving other satellite sites) encourages everyone attending with solidarity as Christians. There is a sense of being part of something bigger than just your church or a few friends at home.

5. Fellowship with other Christians as we all wrestle with this difficult subject. 

6. Hosting provides a defined, disciplined time for learning this topic. When people listen to a recording, they often begin but don’t finish. Being part of the actual presentation at a satellite site provides some structure to help you commit to learning.

Why you should audit this conference:

1. Your church is unable to host a satellite site, and you do not live close to a satellite site.

2. You want an up to date presentation on the topic.

3. A defined time for auditing provides a structured time for learning this topic. When people listen to a recording, they often begin but don’t finish. Being part of the actual presentation through auditing provides some structure to help you commit to learning. Go to

Come join us for this timely and relevant presentation. 

For more info, click here.


Conference: Homosexuality – A Pastoral Response

Its time to start planning for the:

BER Simulcast Conference: "Homosexuality–A Pastoral Response," October 24th, 2015

live in Rochester, NY, broadcast to many satellites sites.  This is a half-day conference and can be attended in person or viewed live online. 

Now is not to early to plan to host or attend!

This is a must attend event on one of the most important topics of our generation. As church elders and leaders, we need to know how to respond to this important and relevant issue that can potentially tear churches apart. What used to be a simple issue has become very complex with many layers. We need to know how to address this issue both biblically and pastorally.

Would you and your church like to host a satellite site so as to encouage others in your area to attend this event? It is relatively easy to organize, we have done much of the work for you already, including ready to use fullcolor flyers customizable for your venue.

Or would you like to attend at the live site or join in with a satellite site? If you can only audit the conference online, that’s great–but for the best value, we encourage attending/viewing with others so you can take full advantage of the guided discussion times. Check our conference webpage for details or click here for our flyer with a full description of this very important and relevant conference.

For background to help lay a foundation for this conference, we encourage you to view the the complementary series by Ben Mathew,

New Resource on BE

We have updated our flag-ship teaching series on the biblical teaching on eldership. It’s called "Restoring Biblical Eldership, a nine-part video/audio series, by Alex Strauch, all in our famous 15 minute module format. For each module, we provide review questions, discussion questions and even applications. Great for indivudal use, men’s groups or elders’ groups.  Don’t forget you can listen through iTunes (click here and then click on the iTunes icon).

While we are on the subject, a major section of the website is devoted to straight biblical teaching about the eldership. You will find:

1) Our summary statement of what BE is
2) A brief explanation video of BE
3) A 47 page booklet, abridgment of the book "Biblical Eldership"
4) The series "Restoring Biblical Eldership"
5) Recommnded books on the subject of eldership


IBCM6 Roma

I just got back from the international conference on missions in Rome (IBCM6 Roma) with over 700 servants of God from over 100 countries. What a wonderful time of fellowship and connecting with some giants of the faith who serve the Lord in some of the most difficult areas of the world. One brother talked about his ministry in a former soviet country, where Christians are routinely suppressed for their faith (one of his co-workers had just a few days earlier been martyred for his faith – beheaded and had his hands cut off for handing out a bible). Despite the difficulties, the brother giving the report was rejoicing at how many are responding to the Word and becoming followers of Jesus Christ and challenged us (in broken English) to not let the comforts and safety of life hinder our bold testimony.

People came from the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, UK, Africa, "down-under" (Australia, New Zealand), Asia, former soviet union countries, etc.  All serving the Lord in their own ways. What a testimony to the unity in Christ we have, and the solidarity of serving the same Master with the same goal. 

There was considerable interest in the work of Biblical Eldership Resources. Many contacts were made and plans laid for working with groups in various locations to bring BER leadership materials to many areas.  One regional area is considering translating the website into their language. Another area involves over 700 churches in great need of leadership training. A West Africa nation asked for help with leadership development in their churches. Another region involving 20 churches, where there are not elders or officially recognized leaders – asking for consultation on how to transition from a sort of "congregational" government to a recognized B.E. government. One couple in a Muslim dominated country desires help in training the leaders of their two church plants. And the there are many other requests for help. Leadership is proving to be THE critical need among God’s people around the world.

BER is partnering with a number of missions agencies to send out BER Offline to missionaries where the internet is not suitable for streaming videos. A number of bible colleges have expressed interest in partnering together with us to provide bible-college level leadership training.

Meanwhile back home, we are working on improvements to the BER Website, sending out copies of BER Offline (over 50 have gone out so far) and laying plans for a one-year leader/leadership training program. We have plans for 5-10 new topics for the Effectiveness Curriculum, covering such subjects as legal implications for local churchs, safety concerns, mentoring, Love among elders, leadership/elders issues related to church planting, etc. 

Many of our BER core team will be traveling over the next six months, so pray for their safety. And next year BER will be involved in a growing number of conferences internationally, where we will be able to present this ministry resource and provide elder/leadership training to more and more workers, missionaries and churches.

Access to our website has been growing as well. We are averaging over 1,000 return visitors. That’s not just single, one-time hits, but that refers to people who come back time and again to the site to use our resources! 

Join with me in praising God for all He has been doing and is planning to do through this ministry. He has supplied many people who have helped make all this possible. Pray that our faithful Lord would supply all of our financial needs for this upcoming year as this ministry continues to grow. If God should lead you to partner with us financially, you can do so online at our site (click here).

There is much to be encouraged about. Our prayer is that as we are able to strengthen leadership in the local church, they in turn will shepherd well the people of God in the great commission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Chuck Gianotti

PC laptop needed

Biblical Eldership Resources is in need of an used laptop (PC) that could be donated. Most of our web updates are performed on a Mac, but we want to do testing with a PC as well, particularly when installing new features and capabilities. Preferrably a newer version – any make, no need for huge memory or storage, just needs to be in good working condition. If so, contact us by email or phone (585-350-9276). Thanks.

BER on iTunes

Announcing: BER & iTunes
Now, you can listen to BER audio files on iTunes. To subscribe and download go to either the "What Is Biblical Eldership?" or "Effectiveness" sections and click on the iTunes button in the sidebar. It looks like this:

You can download any or all of the available BER audio files. New ones will automatically appear in your iTunes app when available. These are intially all in the menu order from the website. New audios will be added when available.

OR, you can download any audio file from the BER website directly to your computer. How to do this varies depending on your computer and operating system. Typically, click the "Download Audio" link. Then in the new window right click the audio slider bar, which will display a dropdown menu. Select "Save audio as …" and specify where you want the file saved to.

Now you can enjoy BER audio files while on the run or driving to work!


Conference Change

NOTE: Due to health reasons, Alexander Strauch has had to cancel speaking at the "Becoming Effective in Your Teaching" conference, March 21. However, Dave Anderson, one of the BER core team, will take his place. Dave is a dynamic and very capable teacher of the Word, and was mentored by Alex. He will fill in using Alex’s material for the presentation.  You won’t be disappointed!